Petrol RC Cars - Read our Information Guide

RC car that are powered by gas are a perfect choice for the most serious of RC hobbyist but they can also be a great tool for the beginner looking to break into the RC car hobby. This type of car can reach truly impressive speeds and with the realistic features you will be the envy of your friends.

The engine sizes vary from 12 to 21 cubic inches; they may be small but they are designed to work just like an engine in a real car would. Gas powered remote controlled cars have the ability to give you that realistic experience unlike their electric counterparts.

It is very important to undertake a regular maintenance routine with Petrol powered rc cars or trucks. This is essential if you want to ensure you car lasts and give you plenty of hours of high speed adrenaline filled fun.

Petrol RC Cars - Features

Another great feature of these cars is the fact that you donít have to wait hours and hours for batteries to charge. You can simply fill your fuel tank and you are good to go. Gas powered car are only suitable for outdoor use, this is due to the exhaust fumes that is given off when the car is in use.

These cars are great for enthusiasts who want to take to the track and race against other RC cars. With so many dedicated forums online you are sure to find people like yourself who are either experienced RC racers or Beginners who are just starting out. These forums can be an awesome place to pick up tips and hear about the latest part upgrades and even local meet ups.

The price of this type of model varies, so you are sure to find one that will not only suit your needs but also fit your budget and your requirements.