AoWei 1/5th Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz

For a long time, RC cars that run on petrol have been quite exorbitant with prices soaring as high as 700 euros. Nitrotek are glad to introduce to their all new flagship RC, 1/5th YAMA BUGGY 26cc Petrol RC Buggy from AoWei. This new model is available to all at affordable prices that will leave you in disbelief.

More About the Yama Buggy

To reaffirm your confidence in the integrity of the product and make you understand why it is being sold at such reduced prices, have a look at the following reasons; to begin with, contrary to the norm of other industry players.

The AoWei tends to be lean in their manufacturing process by making all parts and engines in the same factory and consequently cutting cost on labour hired and transport costs incurred. Another reason is due to the low prices that translate to high sales that tend to make component and logistics costs easier as they are imported in bulk.
Despite the affordable costs, AoWei does not compromise on quality of the car. It is built with a quality aluminum chassis, aluminum spur gear and suspension system, 2.4 GHz radio equipment that is efficient in transmission and a 26cc capacity high performance engine that is every racers desire. This engine has great power and a torque that pushes this model to achieve speeds of 80km/h or 56 miles per hour.

Another reason as to why RC YAMA BUGGY from AoWei at SimplyRC is value for your money is that it operates on a mix of normal unleaded petrol and 2 stroke oil. Mixing the petrol is not rocket science and to sweeten the deal, a mixing bottle comes with the package.

All one needs to do is pour the unleaded petrol to a level clearly marked on the mix bottle and top up with 2 stroke oil to a second marker (products which are both readily available at any local petrol station near you). Making this build suitable for any person from any social class to easily purchase and operate it. This point of view makes YAMA BUGGY better than even a nitro car.

Comparing YAMA BUGGY and other 1:5 scale petrol radio controlled cars available in the market today, you will notice that they tend to be more expensive because after buying the car itself you will still require to source for a radio equipment, a special 1:5 scale steering servo, an electronics battery pack and a charger, all of these at your own expense. The AoWei package will provide you a YAMA BUGGY RC together with a rechargeable battery pack and a UK charger, a tool kit loaded with everything you need to repair the car.

When it comes to aesthetics, the YAMA BUGGY RC made by AoWei has a wonderful look with an oil filled colour coordinated suspension shocks that provide a comfortable feel even when riding on uneven surfaces. It is built for high speeds and this is complimented by an impressive acceleration system that will thrill any driver.

Because safety is paramount in any vehicle design, it has a reliable and highly responsive braking system that will bring you to an immediate halt when need be. Saving the best for last, the YMA BUGGY RC has a 17000 rpm engine and a special clutching system that is out of this world.
Buy the YAMA BUGGY 26cc Petrol RC from AoWei today and get value for your money.