Matched Betting Basics with Profit Accumulator

Welcome to my website all about how to make money from home. I have been earning money online now for some time and after some careful thought I decided to write it all down so that others can enjoy the financial freedom that I now have thanks to earning from home.

Much like millions of others I once went to work doing a 9 to 5:30 in a job that was less than inspiring. I had to report to a manager who was there because he enjoyed being in charge rather than being the best person for the job. I have noticed that a lot in life. Managers aren’t more capable. In fact the more capable people who enjoy doing the job stay at a lower level. They do not wish to get involved in the rubbish of management. The result is some very bad middle managers and I had one of those.

I would get up each morning without an interest in what I was doing. I would go through the motions and as a result of the boredom and lack of interest I would eat chocolate at my desk to numb the pain of my job. The highlight of the day was 5:30 when I couldn’t get out quick enough. Funnily enough come 5:30 90% of the company would leave like a line of ants one after the other out of the door and off into the part of their lives they have been thinking about all day.

This existence was simply not working for me. I always had a desire to work for myself but had no transferable skills that would make it possible. The only option was to learn something new that would allow me to earn money from home even if it was just a bit of pocket money. I needed to research how I could make money online. Profit Accumulator was one way I started.

I spent a whole weekend looking at make money blogs and doing search engine searches to see what came up. A number seemed to be of interest while others looked good but I would need to do some serious learning to earn anything from. The question was which I should do. In the end I figures that it would make more sense if I wanted total financial independence to do them all as long as I had the time and could handle it. I wasn’t expecting any of them to be a full time job but if I could spend a little time on each making a couple of hundred points a month from each I wouldn’t have to work in an office again…..unless it was my home office writing an ebook. Obviously I would need to learn one at a time.

I eventually decided to do the following:

Matched Betting
Selling on eBay
Affiliate Marketing
Own Website
Writing eBooks
Working from Home
Working from Home Downsides

Please click on each of the methods above to learn more about how I set about doing them and hopefully it may give you an idea of two along the way.

You can also read my articles on the benefits of working from home and the downside to working from home which may help you decide if working from home for yourself is really the right thing for you.

For now please read below on my favourite of all the methods of earning money online while sitting on your own sofa; enjoy.