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Highland Council Launches Inverness Winter Payments Program


Highland Council Launches Inverness Winter Payments Program

Low-income people can request a one-time payment of £ 88 from the Highland Council The City of Inverness Regional Committee 2021/22 Winter Payments Program to help them with their winter fuel bills.

Councilor Helen Carmichael, Provost and Head of the Inverness Region, said: ‘If you live in Aird and Loch Ness, Inverness West, Inverness Central, Inverness Ness-side, Inverness Millburn, Culloden and Ardersier and Inverness South, you may be eligible for financial assistance during the winter when additional fuel is needed to keep homes warm.

“The City of Inverness Regional Committee’s Winter Payments program is designed to help those who need it most and I encourage anyone who meets the eligibility criteria to apply for and claim the One-Time Winter Payment of £ 88 to which they are entitled. The program is for low-income people of all ages, not just retirees. “

Residents of the 7 districts of Inverness are encouraged to apply for the Winter One-Time Payment of £ 88, if any of the following apply to them:

  • Aged 90 or over by February 28, 2022, regardless of savings
  • Receive a crisis grant from the Scottish Welfare Fund between December 1, 2021 and February 28, 2022
  • Receive a pension credit (guarantee credit)
  • Have a child (ren) under the age of five and you must be a beneficiary of Income Assistance; Income-based universal allowance credit for jobseekers; or income-based employment and support allowance
  • Benefiting from: Pension credit (Savings credit), Income support, Universal credit, Income-based jobseeker’s allowance, Income-related employment and support allowance, Incapacity allowance.

The applicant must also have someone living in their household who receives:

  • Attendance allowance
  • Medium or high rate subsistence allowance for disabled people (care component)
  • War widow’s or war widow’s pension
  • Personal independence payment (component of daily life)
  • Payment of the independence of the armed forces.

In addition, applicants should be able to confirm that there are no residents in the household who are earning a salary neither now nor in the previous calendar month or with capital greater than £ 6,000.

This does not apply if they are 90 years of age or older on or before February 28, 2022 or if they received a crisis grant from the Scottish Welfare Fund between December 1, 2021 and February 28, 2022. Only one request per household will be accepted.

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Garage Rock Band The Drain Outs To Release New Album At Free St. Pete Concert | Show previews | Tampa


Click to enlarge

Blake Yeager c / o Gasparilla Music Festival

The drains photographed at the Gasparilla Music Festival 2021.

Oil changes (which you may have seen rocking the Gasparilla Music Festival in October) are celebrating the release of a new album Love as you want– a treat for the surf and garage with sprinkled Dinosaur Jr.

“This record is a reflection of the fact that we have found our niche, not only sonically, but as young men coming of age in an ever-changing world,” said Blake Billington of Creative Loafing Tampa Bay. “Tackling the themes of turbulent relationships, societal compliance and the candy-coated craze becomes second nature when it is your reality.”

St. Pete’s Green Bench Brewing is hosting the Free Night with Glaze and House of I opening the Family Show. “We hope this collection of songs helps the listener immerse themselves in the hot tub that we call living,” Billington added. The album, which came together because COVID prevented the group from touring, certainly made my morning commutes easier, that’s for sure.

The Drain Outs w / Glaze / House of I. Friday, December 3, 8 p.m. Green Bench Brewing Co., St. Petersburg. greenbenchbrewing.com

Support local journalism and a small but powerful team works tirelessly to share music news, events and concert announcements as the Tampa Bay music scene recovers from coronavirus shutdowns. A one-time or monthly donation supports our staff, and every little bit counts. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow @cl_tampabay on Twitter.

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Forward Lewis Jamieson fired and ready to pay off Caley Thistle in December


Forward Lewis Jamieson fired and ready to pay off Caley Thistle in December

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Payday Loan Applications Drop 52% ​​In First UK foreclosure, Cashfloat report says | Business


LONDON – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Dec. 2 2021–

Cashfloat.fr, a London-based payday loan provider, released a report titled ‘Who Borrowed Payday Loans During The Coronavirus Pandemic’, which analyzes payday loan applications received during the early part of the coronavirus pandemic.

This press release features multimedia. See the full version here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211201005818/en/

A new report titled “Who Needed Payday Loans During the Coronavirus Pandemic” examines who has been hardest hit financially by the COVID-19 crisis. Read the full report on the Cashfloat.fr To http://cshf.lt/report.

He revealed that payday loan applications fell 52% during Britain’s first foreclosure. Payday loan applications remained low until May 10 – when those who couldn’t work from home returned to work and returned to normal after the lockdown ended. The data also shows the volume of payday loan applications for Britain’s second foreclosure. Interestingly, there was no significant change in payday loan applications during the second foreclosure like there was during the first foreclosure.

The full report is available for download from the Cashfloat website here.

Cashfloat spokesperson Sarah Connelly commented:

“It was very interesting to see that the volume of applications only went down during the first lockdown, not the second. Could this suggest that there was a difference in the level of financial assistance provided during the lockdowns? two locks? Or was the second lock not as bad as the first? “

Data for the report was collected by Cashfloat.fr and its affiliate websites. It analyzes data collected from just under a quarter of a million payday loan applications received over 12 months between March 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021. All data in the report is unique data. collected from Cashfloat’s extensive salary database. loan requests.

The report contains an analysis of:

  • How does the volume of requests for payday loans changed during the pandemic
  • The age of the candidates who applied
  • The sex of loan applicants
  • The relational status of candidates
  • Place of residence of applicants
  • What jobs and salaries they had
  • What amounts and types of loans they applied for

For exclusive statistics or personalized reports you can email the Cashfloat team at [email protected]

———————————————————————————————————————————————————— —————————

About Cashfloat

Cashfloat is an FCA approved direct lender that offers payday loans, personal loans, and installment loans through its popular website. Cashfloat.fr. Since its launch in 2014, it has grown into one of the leading payday loan brands, recognized and trusted by thousands of UK consumers across the UK.

View source version on businesswire.com:https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211201005818/en/

CONTACT: For general inquiries, contact:

Cashfloat press room


[email protected] For SEO inquiries contact:

Ofer Valencio Akerman

[email protected]



SOURCE: Cash float

Copyright Business Wire 2021.

PUB: 12/02/2021 12 a.m. / DISC: 12/02/2021 12:02 a.m.


Copyright Business Wire 2021.

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What are the government’s plans for social protection?

The plans will change the way care is paid (Peter Byrne / PA)

The government has set out its vision for the adult welfare sector for the next 10 years.

It follows the reforms announced several months ago, which aim to shake up the method of payment for care.

Here is the latest news on the government’s plans for the sector.

– Why is the government reforming social assistance?

The problem of sustainable funding for social assistance has not been resolved by successive governments, and the coronavirus pandemic has put pressure on an already struggling sector.

Boris Johnson pledged to “fix the welfare crisis” in his first speech after being elected in July 2019, announcing plans more than two years later in September.

The government wants to protect people from “unpredictable and potentially catastrophic health care costs”, bring health and care systems closer together and strengthen the workforce.

– What has the government announced previously?

In September, the government presented plans to change the way healthcare is funded.

It proposes to introduce a lifetime cap of £ 86,000 from October 2023, funded by a health and social protection levy based on tax contributions.

This pools the risk for the proportion who would face substantial health care costs, and means that no one will need to pay more than this amount in their lifetime.

He also announced a more generous system based on resources.

People with assets of up to £ 20,000 will not have to contribute anything towards their care (instead of £ 14,250), while those with assets of up to £ 100,000 will be eligible to receive assistance from the authorities local (instead of £ 23,250).

Once the ceiling is reached, the government will take over the payment of the person’s care.

– How much money goes to social assistance?

Over the next three years, £ 5.4bn from the £ 36bn in health and social services levies will go to social services.

The sector will begin to benefit from it from the 2022-23 financial year.

The government says more will go to social assistance after the three years, but it is not yet clear how much.

From the welfare pot, £ 3.6bn will fund the previously announced cap on costs of care, a more generous means test and help councils pay a fair cost of care.

The remaining £ 1.7 billion will be used to improve social care in England.

– What is the last update?

The government has released a much anticipated white paper outlining its vision for social services over the next decade.

He wants people to have more choice and voice in the care they receive, to be able to live in their homes longer, to make the workforce feel valued, and to have unpaid caregivers better supported.

A new, convenient repair service will help older people and people with disabilities live longer with their families or independently in their own homes.

They will receive more money to allow for adaptations such as stairlifts, wet rooms and home technology.

The document details how around £ 1 billion of the £ 1.7 billion will be spent over the next three years.

This includes:

– £ 500 million investment in workforce

-At least £ 300 million to increase the range of supported housing

– At least £ 150million to help drive greater adoption of technology, such as motion sensors

-Up to £ 25million to change services that support unpaid caregivers and increase access to respite services

How the rest will be spent will be clarified in due course, the government said.

– What’s the reaction?

Many groups praised the government’s vision for social protection, saying there was a lot to like and praising the government for its “great ambition.”

But they also said funding is insufficient and more money is urgently needed if its ambitions are to be realized.

They also said the proposals do nothing to deal with immediate pressures as a harsh winter approaches.

These include serious labor issues, growing unmet needs and a fragile supplier market.

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How personal loans work for the self-employed – Forbes Advisor INDIA


Personal loans have always been a way for people to withdraw money to pay for personal needs such as groceries and utility bills, or simply a way to get the next paycheck. Personal loans are easy to get because they don’t ask for much. You need proof of employment, a few months of payslips and proof of address, and you are ready to receive the amount you signed up for.

However, when you are independent, the requirements are slightly different. For example, you will need to prove that you own 25% of the business, that you are a freelance writer or entrepreneur, and that your salary comes from interest or dividends. Additional requirements will be discussed in this article.

People can take out a personal loan from any registered financial entity, such as a credit union or bank, as long as the financial entity is authorized and certified to lend money. Unfortunately, many loan sharks are unregistered, and these creditors usually scam people by charging hefty interest, which people should be wary of.

What are personal loans for the self-employed?

A personal loan for a self-employed person can take several forms. You can also take out a small business loan to cover business expenses, which are still considered personal loans. Here are some types of personal loans for the self-employed to get you started.

Co-signed business loans for the self-employed

A co-signed loan means that you will ask a co-signer to add their name and signature to your loan to guarantee the bank that they will repay the loan in case you cannot. Of course, they won’t have access to your loan fund, but they can help you build up the credit you need while getting the loan.

Credit card

Credit cards are good if you need to borrow a small amount and have a good credit rating. You can borrow small amounts up to a specific limit, and you can pay off the balance each month so you don’t have to pay interest.

Payday loans for the self-employed

Payday loans can be risky and put you in more debt. However, if you are in need of cash, there are non-profit organizations that can provide you with loans or cash assistance, especially if you are in dire financial straits. You can also ask a credit union for an alternative, especially if your credit rating is low.

Business credit cards

Business credit cards allow you to have a small amount immediately. Plus, you can build your business credit so you can apply for larger loans. You will also be able to keep a record of your finances. You will need to provide your business details, such as your legal structure, estimated monthly expenses, and employer identification number.

A business line of credit allows you to borrow money when needed, primarily to cover a business expense. However, you must have years of business experience to be eligible.

Who Can Get Personal Loans For The Self Employed?

Anyone who is self-employed, whether they own a small business or work as a self-employed person, can get a personal loan for any reason.

Reasons to get a personal loan for the self-employed

Here are some reasons why the self-employed take out a personal loan.

  • Paying Off Other Debt – Debt consolidation is one of the reasons freelancers take out personal loans. This allows them to consolidate all of their high interest debts into one payment with a significantly lower interest rate.
  • An Alternative to Payday Loan – Compared to payday loans, personal loans have longer repayment options and lower interest rates.
  • Moving Expenses – If you are a self-employed person planning to move to another home, a personal loan can cover the expenses.
  • Emergency Expenses – Emergency expenses can take the form of hospital bills that are not covered by your insurance or the death of a family member. A personal loan can cover these expenses.
  • Appliance Purchases – If you own a small business and need to purchase equipment, you can take out a personal loan to finance your appliance purchases.

How to get a personal loan if you are independent?

Here are some steps that a self-employed worker can take to take out a personal loan.

  • Check to see if you have a good credit rating. A good credit rating helps you qualify for a personal loan.
  • Gather all the necessary documents and information. You must submit a bank statement, your income tax returns, your latest Schedule C, Form 1099-misc, our Schedule SE, and profit and loss statements.
  • Canvas for personal loan companies. Check which ones offer the lowest interest rate and the longest repayment terms so that you don’t have to be pressed for time to pay off your loan.
  • Apply online or in person. Depending on the lending company you choose, you can either complete an online application form or visit their office. You may also need to call them during your application.
  • Wait for their approval. It may take some time to review your documents, so you need to be patient.
  • Wait for the money to be credited to your account. It can take as fast as a few seconds or during the day. If you get the approval on the weekend, you may have to wait until the next business day to receive your money.

Questions to ask yourself before taking out a personal loan

1. Can I get a personal loan if I am self-employed?

Yes. You will need to show proof of income and possibly a work certificate from your current client.

2. Can I get a personal loan if I have a small income?

Yes. However, your loan company will put you under scrutiny, which means you may be waiting longer to get your loan approved.

3. How long do I have to repay it?

The loan repayment term depends on your agreement with the lending company and the amount you borrowed. Some financial companies require you to repay the loan within 30 days if you borrowed as little as $ 500. Some personal loans can be repaid in 12 months.

4. How much interest do I have to pay?

The interest rate depends on the amount of principal and the repayment term of your loan. Some interest rates can be as low as $ 5, but most can go up to 20% of the principal.

5. Will the lending company ask me what I’m going to use the money for?

Credit companies rarely ask the borrower why they need a personal loan. Some might ask you why you will use it, but whatever the reason, that won’t stop them from lending you money. As long as your supporting documents and documents are in order, you will be authorized to take out a personal loan.

6. What are the consequences of a personal loan?

If you can’t pay on time, you could be in trouble with your loan company. Failure to pay your loan may cause the loan company to review your business or profession, and they may ask you to pay a fine on top of your loan balance.

7. Where should I take out a personal loan?

Before taking out a personal loan, you must approach several financing companies. Compare interest rates and APR and see if they are licensed and registered with a national credit union. If they charge cheap interest rates and are fully qualified to lend you money, they are legitimate.

8. How long do I have to work or own a business before I get a personal loan?

For the self-employed, you need to work for at least six months with clients that the loan company can contact. For business owners, you need to be in business for a year.

Final result

Taking out a personal loan if you are independent is a serious financial commitment. First of all, you will have to religiously pay the fixed amount each month on time so that you do not get fined by your loan company. Before that, you should have a good reason for taking out a personal loan as the interest charges are sometimes high, and you might have a hard time saving money on your monthly income to pay off the loan.

Keep in mind that your credit score could be affected if you cannot repay the loan, and this could affect your chances of getting a loan in the future. Therefore, to take out a personal loan, you must be a good payer in order to maintain a credible credit rating.

As a self-employed person, you need to be careful not to repay your personal loan on time as a breach could negatively affect your business or profession.

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Need help from the tech sector to counter growing threats


MI6 chief warned against China’s use of financial power and data to exert influence as he stressed the need for British spies to work with the global tech sector to maintain advanced capabilities .

Richard Moore said Beijing has used “debt and data traps” to get countries and individuals “to hang”.

The growing complexity of the technology used around the world meant that MI6 “boffins” were not able to meet the challenges on their own and that outside help was needed, he added.

MI6 chief Richard Moore said the “boffins” of the service were no longer sufficient to deal with the technological threats encountered (FCDO / PA)

Mr Moore used rare public appearances on Tuesday to expose the need for a “radical change” in the culture of the Secret Service.

The changing nature of the work meant that a James Bond-style Q figure was no longer able to provide all of the technological capabilities required by MI6, he said.

“Given the challenges of how we recruit and manage secret agents, if you look at some of the technologies available to authoritarian regimes around so-called smart cities, technologies, surveillance, etc., then clearly , in order to stay before that, we can’t do all of this internally, ”he told BBC Radio 4’s Today.

“As you say, we can’t do this in our Q labs, the boffins behind the wire type model no longer work for us.”

Mr. Moore said China was one of the countries that had harnessed the power of technology, combined with its economic power, to assert itself on the world stage.

Its artificial intelligence capabilities allow Beijing to “collect data from all over the world,” he said.

“And he’s also trying to use his influence through his economic policies to try and sometimes, I think, to get people to hang on.”

China will use its ability to control data and its financial might as “leverage” against targets. He said the “debt trap” has given China access to ports – which could be used as naval bases – in countries unable to repay loans.

He added: “The data trap is this: if you allow another country to access really critical data about your company, over time it will erode your sovereignty, you will no longer have control over it. those data.

“This is something that I think in the UK we are very aware of and we have taken steps to defend ourselves.”

China “does not share our values ​​and often their interests conflict with ours” and Chinese President Xi Jinping is “very clear that we are now in a more assertive phase with China,” he said.

Although he was not looking for a “confrontational relationship” with China, “we have to be very robust in the fight for our corner,” he added.

In a broad interview, Mr. Moore said:

– Estimates of how quickly Afghanistan would be taken by the Taliban were “clearly wrong”, but it was “too much to describe it in terms of intelligence failure” because even the Taliban had not predicted the fall of Kabul so quickly.

– There is a “chronic problem” concerning the situation in Ukraine, and Moscow presented an “acute threat” but it was necessary to clarify in the Kremlin that the West “was not trying to surround Russia”.

– MI6 had to recruit from “all walks of life” via an online process rather than relying on personal recommendations because “there is a risk that you will tap people like you on the shoulder” .

– UK has a ‘large science and technology sector’ and said free societies in the West have advantages because ‘we have the ability to stimulate animal entrepreneurship in a way that diets authoritarian may not have ”.

Our opponents are putting money and ambition into mastering artificial intelligence, quantum computing and synthetic biology, because they know that mastering these technologies will give them leverage.

Richard moore

Mr Moore, known as C in Whitehall, will use a speech to the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London to explain why outside expertise is needed.

“MI6 treats the world as it is, not as we would like it to be,” he will say according to advanced excerpts from his speech.

“And the criminals, terrorists and state threats seeking to exploit against us are increasing exponentially.

“According to some estimates, we may see more technological advancement in the next 10 years than in the last century, with a disruptive impact equal to the industrial revolution.

“As a society, we still have to internalize this glaring fact and its potential impact on global geopolitics.

“But it’s a hot target for MI6.”

Mr. Moore, who took office as chief in October 2020, will say the organization needs to become as diverse as the company it came from if it is to attract the talent it needs.

“Our adversaries are putting money and ambition into mastering artificial intelligence, quantum computing and synthetic biology, because they know that mastering these technologies will give them leverage”, he will say.

“An intelligence service must be at the forefront of what is technologically possible.

“This is nothing new.

“What’s new is that we are now pursuing partnerships with the tech community to help develop world-class technologies to solve our biggest mission challenges, and those of MI5 and GCHQ.”

Scottish schools closed after fatal storm Arwen caused chaos weekend



Mark Rough, Director of Customer Operations at SSEN, said: “The severity and prolonged nature of Storm Arwen has caused widespread and extensive damage to our network in North East Scotland, with significant and challenging conditions resulting in multiple cases of damage to several overhead line circuits.

“We continue to make good progress on repairs and power restoration, with an additional 9,500 customer supplies restored overnight and through this morning.

“We are committed to restoring power to as many customers today as possible, but given the complexity and scale of the situation, some customers will continue to be without power overnight.

“The extent of the damage means that the necessary repair work is complex and often requires a long access clearance just to reach problem areas, with substantial tree cutting and reinstallation of overhead network infrastructure.

“We continue to work closely with our local resilience partners to prioritize support for our most vulnerable clients.

“We encourage any vulnerable customer who has concerns about their supply, or if you have concerns about a vulnerable relative or neighbor, please call our teams on 105.

“We would like to once again thank our customers for their patience and continued understanding in what continues to be very difficult circumstances. “

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time will tell | Advertising: from yellow pages to smartphones | Home and outdoor living


Twelve years in this business and we have explored many forms of advertising: TV, radio, billboard, Facebook, magazines and of course the Citrus County Chronicle. We frequently hear locals telling us how long they’ve lived here, but we never knew Olde Inverness Antiques existed. Often discovered by a visiting family member with an internet search and once in the store they are wide eyed and in disbelief they missed it.

Gypsy and Nipper, two advertising icons.

Unless you count Facebook, we don’t advertise outside of Citrus County. The Chinese found us anyway. First, there are the “scouts” who search all stores for Chinese antiques or other quality Asian items. They send pictures to their boss who then negotiates a price with us, the scout buys the item (s) and sends them to the boss who ships them to China. The second happened recently, a couple of young Chinese girls politely asked to film the store. They did a live broadcast in China with an audience, people in China chose articles. The girls then bought the items and we didn’t even have to use our bubble wrap. Our conclusion is that they are redeeming their history and big showy jewelry is out there.

Get more from the Citrus County Chronicle

What seems like a different life in Colorado was only 20 years ago. Our business was telecommunications, which relied on yellow page advertising. This announcement was our sales department and it was constantly generating new business. Each household had at least one set of white and yellow pages; companies had several copies. The yellow pages were organized alphabetically with the type of business and the options were easy to find. The slogan “let your fingers walk” still applies but is now in the palm of your hand. Depending on the size of the city, these books were big and heavy and before recycling landfills were overwhelmed every year as new books were updated. I don’t know if a smartphone is faster than finding something in the yellow pages, but the yellow pages don’t fit in my pocket.

Steve Barnes owns and, with his store dog Gypsy, operates Olde Inverness Antiques.

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Campaign launched to make Dumfries Scotland’s newest city


Dumfries is today launching its official bid to become the UK’s newest city.

The campaign calls on all residents, businesses and communities to show their support for the Queen of the South to become the country’s first rural town.

The honor is bestowed through a competition for British cities held to coincide with important royal milestones, this time as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations next year.

If Dumfries’ offer is successful, the town would become the first town in southern Scotland.

Dumfries Provost Tracey Little heads the bid committee.

She said: “This will be a community-led offering with the aim of bringing benefits to all of Dumfries and Galloway.

“Giving us city status would lead to new investment, more jobs, more opportunities for our young people and really put the region on the map across the UK and beyond.

“This is a rare opportunity to present Dumfries – and the region at large – and show our ambition to grow and develop. We are absolutely here to win it.

She added: “Dumfries has such a rich culture and history, as well as a civic pride to be proud of.

“Whether it’s our connection to JM Barrie, the Moat Brae Peter Pan Center, Robert the Bruce, Robert Burns, and all of his connections to Dumfries, our universities or our community events like the Big Burns Supper and Guid Nychburris, we have so much to offer. . “

The bid is supported by local charities, businesses, local schools, community groups and organizations such as DGHP, which is part of the Wheatley Group, Scotland’s leading housing, care and property management group.

The provost and committee will submit the nomination by the December 8 deadline.

Other Scottish towns expected to be in contention include Dunfermline, Greenock, Oban and Irvine.

Mark Jardine of the People’s Project has been seeking city status for Dumfries for over 20 years and has said it has been “a dream of mine” since he was a child.

He added: “Since Inverness was granted city status, the entire Highland region has grown steadily. I firmly believe that Dumfries and Galloway could do the same. As ‘Queen of the South’ we would truly be Scotland’s first town. “

The young people of the city also support the candidacy for city status.

Craig Adams, 16, a sixth grade student at Dumfries High School, said: “It would be amazing if we win this competition and receive this incredible honor from the Queen.”

Abi Kelly, 17, also a sixth year student at Dumfries High, added: “It would be great for the area and create new jobs and training opportunities. “

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